Mullite Sand ( Chamotte )

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Mullite Sand / Powder

Mullite sand / powder, produced through high temperature calcined process, is a kind of high quality casting sand made from the of high quality Kaolin mines. The main crystalline phase is mullite . It has good performance on lower thermal expansion rate, uniform expansion , better anti vibration, good hardness etc. It is very good to be used for precision casting. 



1. High refractoriness.

2. Aluminum content high, the iron content low.

3. High volume density.

4. Thermal expansion coefficients of small.

5. Physicochemical stability.

6. Fully calcined

7. Dust content low

8. The specification standards.



1. Easy out of shell.

2. No deformation.

3. No reduced scale.

4. Good brightness , Good finish .

5. Product rate is high. 


Physical and chemical index:


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